Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Salt Lake City Utah!

I just got back from Close To My Hearts Leadership Conference in SLC! Wow what a beautiful place! It was buzzing with all sorts of activity. It started the minute I arrived. I was walking off the plane and going to baggage claim and people were running around after celebrities, I have to admit I had no clue what was going on. But shhh we will just keep that between you and me!  Got to the hotel and the CTMH fun began, I met up with some sister consultants and from then on it was FABULOUS! There are so many things these ladies have to offer, from business tips, to art, to family advice, I was complete sponge the whole weekend! Jeanette Lynton the founder of our amazing company joined us for a short time when we were wrapping up for the weekend. What an inspiration she is, even with a few life hurdles she continues to strive everyday! The relationship between her and her staff (although i think she would refer to ALL of them as great friends) is inspiring. Her drive to get back to being 100% is amazing, where most people would have thrown her arms in the air and quit she is a living example of how to never give up. I had an opportunity to go back and give her a hug and have a brief chat with her... well I was a blubbering fool! LOL Im glad she is a patient lady because I couldn't form a sentence to save my life. I will just say no matter how much money I earn at CTMH or how large my team is, that one moment put everything in perspective for me. It all will fall into place if I keep being ME! What an honour it was to be in her presence at her request, she will never know the impact she had on me. Now that I have a tear in my eye AGAIN, moving on. 
So we got the opportunity to create some awesome art I wanted to share with you. So I will let it do the rest of the talking! Cheers for now!

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