Thursday, May 11, 2017

Stuck on you!

I love the great colour combo on Prickly Pear! I love that it has bold colours but it doesn't overwhelm you with them! 
 I really wanted to catch the traditional feel with this paper on the first layout I made with i can crawl out of "the box"! But I really felt that the colours needed to be honoured with some Mexican style and they are going to go fabulous with my Puerto Vallarta pictures from this February's incentive trip!

The cactus were the perfect addition to this fiesta style layout! They were from the 
Oh and check out that great blue burlap ribbon! awesome for keeping it in one strand or pulling apart! 


  1. Love this layout!! Do you sell instructions with circuit cuts to other consultants?

  2. Hi Jennifer! What a fun layout! Where'd you find the lightbulb banner? I can't track it down anywhere and I'd love to add it to this layout too! Thank you!! :)