Friday, May 19, 2017


Simple yet stunning! This card took about 10 minutes to make, so easy! 
Steps to complete this are as follows:

1. cut out a circle from you Cricut about 3.5 inches - this will be used as a stencil. 
2. grab your favourite ink colours and a finger dauber - I used Lagoon, Lemon and Willow
3. place "stencil" on the card face and start with yellow ink and smear it on the card. then continue with the blue and green working in the circle to achieve the look you would like.
4. let dry for a bit and then take a spray pen and spritz where you have inked and this will leave a "droplet effect" on the inked part. Remove stencil.
5. open your No Worries stamp set and your archival ink and stamp the design you want on the card. 
6. Matte the card face with 4x5.25 black paper and 3.75x5 is the size of the white piece that you inked on. Then take a ruler and trace a line around the edge with a journaling pen.

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